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Parramatta...We are back!

Dear DSP Tribe,

We can’t tell you how glad we are to be back after going AWOL longer than expected. We are so grateful for the love and support we have received from our old friends, be it in person or via social media messages and are stoked to see so many new faces as well.


That’s right! We moved to our new home on 29th July and since then we have got back to doing what we do best: serving you the best coffee in town!! We have changed things up this time round to make each experience a bit more inspiring. How, you may well ask?! We have gone reusable cups only. Yes, we have eliminated single use cups !! We encourage you to BYO (cup that is), purchase a “Ghetto Cup” for $5 which includes your first coffee, borrow a mug from our “Ghetto Library” or take a load off and dine in! Rest assured that you are helping the environment with each cup of coffee. Did you know that there is no one else in the west to go reusable cups only. 


There’s more! We are also the first one in Parramatta to go cash less. Which means you don’t have to worry about getting change or wait long, just order and enjoy your favourite cup.

Barista Training

DSP has been training students to become professional Baristas since we first opened in 2014. We offer our classes at 3 locations - Parramatta, Sydney CBD and Liverpool.


Our short courses cover both basic and advanced skills required to become a barista. Each class includes valuable work experience in a live cafe and potential opportunities for volunteering at various events. With DSP you don't just join a course you join a tribe of like minded people and experts in the industry.

If you would like to know more,please check the booking section.​

Suncorp Community Café on Pitt Street Mall

Suncorp, Wesley Mission and Darcy Street Project have taken the plunge! We have joined forces to build the financial resilience of our community by providing education and employment pathways for people who are facing barriers to getting into the workforce through the Suncorp Community Café.

In 2018 we began our tripartite agreement and we couldn't be prouder of the collaboration. A perfect balance of perspective when approaching ways to help  communities back on their feet. 

If you find yourself around 197 Pitt Street Sydney, drop by for a free coffee, 7 days a week, made by alumni students. Don't be shy and let them know how their coffee is.

New classes @ 113 Macquarie Street Parramatta

In 2018 we moved our training in Parramatta to 113 Macquarie Street, right next door to Parramatta Mission Church. A major change for us was to offer work experience to align with the Meals Plus Program

Hundreds of  coffees are directly handed out to locals doing it tough.

We would love to continue in 2019 and are looking out for any supporters, sponsors who would like to get involved.  

Why Darcy St Project?

The way we train our students is structured yet informal, and by drawing on over 15 years of coffee and hospitality knowledge, we are able to engage our students and create a learning environment that is both interactive, practical and of course fun! To ensure the training is also relevant for the current state of the industry, we provide up to date info that is necessary for anybody starting work in a cafe or hospitality environment today. This improves the employability of young people so they can gain the experience and skills they need to set them up for success. We also assist aboriginals, early migrants / refugees, homeless, and mature aged workers.

On the flip-side, if you are working with vulnerable communities and with any clients that may benefit from our training then we are here for you too. 


Brag Wheel

Darcy St Project has been featured in a range of press for both our coffee and our mission to educate and empower our students.

Here are a few articles that best describes our work and the impact we have created.



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